Taobao marketing baby Title hot words depth optimization

today, to share with you in detail, how to use the words to optimize the depth of hot baby. First of all, with the introduction of how to determine the category of hot words. Mainly from 2 place, one is Taobao home search to get, and the other is determined according to the Taobao index, Taobao index address sellers can be found in the background, or Baidu search page can be. I will choose a baby, for everyone to take the Title Optimization demonstration, the seller’s baby to demonstrate it, ha ha, non building the landlord ah, avoid advertising.


baby original title: simple and high quality women’s clothing can be removed luxury hair collar 2013 autumn and winter luxury coat coat. The title, first of all, first of all, it has now entered in 2013, has not been in the fall, so a primary optimization, can be changed to spring and winter instead of autumn and winter. As for the word luxury, I do not know how many people will go to search, the average person just want the cheaper the better, huh, huh. My personal opinion, do not need luxury word. I would like the primary optimization, optimization: atmospheric simple high-quality removable women’s fur collar wool coat 2013 spring winter coat after simple treatment, we carry out the next operation, detailed optimization of the depth of the baby. Into the Taobao home page, put our title into the search to try.


search results are as follows:

pay attention to the red area, which is actually Taobao search according to the search of the heat of the collection of search hot words, we can according to the hot words here. I choose the last group, women’s wool coat, because the phrase more than with buyer search psychology, we can try to optimize, Title: atmospheric quality simple detachable fur collar wool coat 2013 winter women’s new coat.

In fact, there is a

, the title itself is a sentence, the sentence is the key words, the focus on the object. We want to buy what, what will be found, for example, buy is outerwear or female wool coat, the other is just a modifier, then we can adjust the order structure in the title, to focus on the front. This step can be adjusted after the initial optimization can also be adjusted at the beginning. For example, on the basis of the previous, in order to change the sequence and the merger of repeated words:

2013 new spring and winter fur coat women’s coat simple and high quality removable wool collar


this way, obviously a lot smoother, but also in line with our conventional way of thinking. We put Taobao search again try. In contrast, the main hot words has almost all involved, if you are Korean, can join the new Korean version of this hot words, if not also do not deliberately added, avoid cheat customer behavior. Next, then we can stop the optimization of this link, enter the next hot word comparison