Small and medium enterprises in the end how to do soft marketing

we are talking about soft marketing, no matter what the industry, which companies or individuals seem to be able to pull on the relationship with the soft. So, how should the soft marketing? How to write soft text? What about the release of the soft? Today, I have to small and medium-sized enterprises should be how to do marketing to tell me some of the wise remark of an experienced person marketing.

soft Wen marketing is a few articles published it?. I think as a business in doing soft marketing generally have the following three conditions:

first reported type

this soft Wen is the identity of the media reporter to write out, very official, naked say how strong corporate strength, performance is good, the company is how fast the speed of development. Like this article is generally issued to the authority (must be authoritative, or can not play the role) above the media, with the witness of the media to reflect the company’s brand power.

second experience

this soft is generally from the user or the consumer’s personal experience spread the advantages of the brand or product. There are four commonly used modes:

1, a sense of crisis: let the audience fear, and then say the solution

2, the consumer environment manufacturing: my wife bought me what, after using, the face is good

3, consumer example set up: × × using a product, × × how, how to make a contrast

4, depth of Product Description: This product is cattle, there are ten major

this type of article is about to publish personal log blog above or with some name Bo cooperation.

third integrated

real calendar harm soft marketing is to integrate all the media promotion, network, newspapers, magazines, television. First of all, in the network, the newspaper to promote an industry a new innovation or concept, so that consumers first recognition of this product, and then in the magazine, the television media on advertising, let the user or consumer recognition of a brand. As we are familiar with melatonin, first is to use this method to promote drop. Of course, now do not have melatonin marketing, it is hard to do more promotion, let a person seems to bother the advertisement broadcast, broadcast ten years.

summary: the maturity of a brand is a process that has an impact on the consumer perception of an industry. Soft marketing. A brand really want to rise in an industry, first of all to make the rise of the industry, the first to start from soft marketing.

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