How to build entrepreneurial team is really possible success

The rise of the Internet

not only drives the continuous development of information science and technology, but also make a lot of opportunities of success saw a person with breadth of vision, resolutely joined the ranks of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is often difficult, but also happy. Because it is not a person in the struggle, but a team in the effort. Of course, as also Xiao He, Xiao He also lost, if the team is wrong, the so-called change the world of entrepreneurship is also a talk.


how to build it is really possible to succeed

first, motivation determines the outcome, what kind of fruit because of what

of the title of the first half of the sentence is a foreigner mentioned in criminal psychology, while the last sentence is the language of buddhism. Whether it’s in the West or in the East, it is important to emphasize that there is a right motivation to do. In an entrepreneurial team, the founders or the original entrepreneurial team must be thinking about what to change or to carry out a certain belief in entrepreneurship. Rather than think of the financing after the cash, cash after the listing. It seems that this phenomenon is widely popular in the modern entrepreneurial team. It seems with the dream to change the world the idea of becoming less and less, these now seem consistent with the "money" of the trend of the times, but it is the most deadly entrepreneurial team. Because everyone is thinking about money, the result will be the lack of innovation and the spirit of hardship. This entrepreneurial team in the early days if lack of a pen and a flow of funds into the inevitable outcome is to fall apart.

second, entrepreneurial team mature team mentality

in fact, the entrepreneurial team for each employee’s requirements are quite high, more mature than any successful enterprise, the staff skills, thinking, vision requirements are high. If a young man a green hand to join an Internet start-up team for three years, in addition to the so-called professional procedures, the entrepreneurial team trained in the skills and thinking system, is the need to spend five years or even longer time to get in the mature enterprise.

of course personal growth is dependent on personal self promotion. However, there is a great relationship with the team atmosphere, the atmosphere of this team is very important to the boss or leadership. Because in the start-up companies, all of the system will be imperfect, more staff management needs of human. In the case, if the leader appeared, the inconstant in policy in the course of time so favour one more than another, people under will lose the direction in the work. When employees lose direction, self-control strengths may choose self promotion or to fend for themselves in the free time. Once the ability to relax may be a day when the monk hit the clock, in fact, this situation is fatal to the entrepreneurial team. It is not polite to say that the entrepreneurial team is almost zero chance of success.


first had contact with a team, regardless of how the project, everyone should take two or more than three job duties. The early start of the storm.