Electricity supplier era of small and medium enterprises how to win network promotion

98 years since the "electronic commerce" since the rapid development of e-commerce in the world, countries around the world are optimistic about the electricity supplier in the new world, and that the major force in the development of electronic commerce of economic development in future 25 years. Today, with the growing popularity of e-commerce, more and more enterprises have begun to attach importance to e-commerce, hoping to share in the e-commerce. Relatively small and medium enterprises, large enterprise network promotion is easier to get good results, because they are rich in resources, has a professional marketing team, a group of professional network technology, there are sufficient funds and manpower to delivery, advertising. The small and medium-sized enterprises because of the limited resources is in a stage of development, all aspects are not enough to support the use of promotion plan of large enterprises, can only be very careful in reckoning maximize the promotion effect to the most appropriate cost.

however, the majority of small and medium enterprises do not know how to promote the network, just released blindly enterprise supply information on the e-commerce platform, but overwhelmed by the amount of information of other peers, almost no one may be delivered from oppression, or the pure search engine bidding, account but vanished like water did not bring volume. If things go on like this, gradually lose confidence in the electronic commerce, and even give up. In the final analysis, these are taken to the inappropriate way to promote the network, as long as the appropriate way to promote the small and medium enterprises can also get a better promotion effect in e-commerce. So how do small and medium enterprises to choose their own network promotion?

first, enterprise website is very important

any type of website survival is to rely on access to the site’s traffic, only with the flow is possible to clinch a deal, in order to ensure that the site continues to run. However, the reality is that the majority of small and medium enterprises in the presence of the web site is only a business card, unless the initiative to provide web site to visitors, otherwise never get traffic. Even some small and medium enterprises lack of maintenance for a long time, the interface is very rough, very poor user experience. Just imagine, a potential customer with tens of millions or even more orders for access to your corporate website, but to see a rough interface, plate dislocation, and even can not find the information he needs a website, subsequent transactions may still be? So such a website is also necessary to do not exist? It might be better off


therefore, small and medium enterprises in establishing the enterprise website to make clear what you are looking for a web site, is to show the brand and corporate image, hope to promote the sales of enterprises? If only to showcase the brand and corporate image, then to the website maintenance work to do, the interface of the website must be refined, the user experience to do a good job, the enterprise and the product information should be complete. Because the electronic commerce is in the network, no face, no investigation, only with the first information companies are showing to determine whether your business professional strength is strong, thus the decision is also > contact