Tourism web page layout should focus on the user experience

Two days before the

in Zhilu QQ group discussion an interesting topic: Web page content on the left and right which is more concern? This question is put forward by Zhi Wang Yongnan friends, remember before have seen this survey, "left the attention to much higher than the right, the with people’s reading habits from left to right, there is a certain relationship.

group, we also agreed that the attention of the left to be higher. But in the end of the travel web page should be made of what kind of form, but also according to the specific circumstances of the page. I will make some friends of the wisdom of the group to make a finishing, as follows:

first, travel website home page

home page for the first screen, pictures or slide the most able to attract the attention of visitors, so home page if designed like the pattern of words, the slide on the left or the middle part, the key recommendation of products in the slide content, will bring more attention.


: home page, this is in accordance with the habits of users to design.


two, for tourism product page

if the customer has entered a specific itinerary page, then the pattern of our page is as simple as possible, the focus is to highlight the customer to view the content of this line, do not let the distraction. The purpose is to allow customers to produce the desire to buy this product, and immediate action.

is shown in Figure two, this is the Taiwan lions a product page, is a middle line travel arrangements around without any content. The lion is the design idea to this page, customers have the intention to buy, do not have anything to affect customers, allow customers to quickly pay booking.


let’s see Figure three, this is Yunnan CYTS online a product page, do very much in line with the domestic habits of users, the middle part is related to tourism product line, the right is the telephone reservation consultation. To this page customers have the intention to purchase the only need to find a way to book.


three, other pages

for the tourism enterprise web site, of course, is used to sell products. In addition to product pages other than the page, of course, should be timely to promote their products. The structure, left right left and right, right by such a page can be left. Specific according to their own website design style to do.

In addition to the middle

as the main content of the page, left or right side of the hot line can be set, recommend a popular destination, or recent activities recommended, if it is the destination page can also set the relevant line recommendation.