nteresting Google hidden features

GOOGLE: maybe a lot of people like me don’t know that Google has more interesting features than they can see on the surface, it’s hardly a traditional concept of search engines.    
        as well as a web page snapshot, news headlines, similar web pages, web page translation and try luck everyone may have been used and often used. Other features may not have been heard.    

        Calculator – you can enter a calculation language then can get results in the Google search box, beyond the general calculator Google can accept English as natural conditions, such as (G  *  mass&; nbsp; of    /  (earth) radius  of  earth  ^  2)  . Does it look smarter than a science calculator at school?    

        dictionary interpretation – if you enter the search keywords in the Google dictionary database has a defined, you can see a very detailed explanation of the link. This can replace Britannica.    

        file type Google can search more than 12 HTML file type, this should be a lot of people found. However, if you know that the search word behind the "filetype: file type", you can specify the search for this type of file, such as form  1040  filetype:pdf. This feature is more useful for those who are eager to find Copy objects.    

        Yellow Pages – all American public enterprises and personal phone number can be found in the Google, as long as you follow the rules of the input query specific conditions on the line, such as name, name, city, state, zip etc.. Of course, in order to protect the privacy of people can not let Google search their own number.    

        Web Search: if you only need to search a specified website content, just add "site:URL" on the line, for example, you want to go to school Stanford query: admission  site:www.s>