Micro blog Marketing Marketing reluctant children can not hold the wolf

some time ago Sina bought the weibo.com domain name to an independent domain name on the line, Sina micro-blog also has further development. The Internet micro-blog also fire for a long time, we are also trying to use micro-blog marketing, especially the enterprise website in micro-blog marketing, we every day that the micro-blog marketing can bring profit to the enterprise objective. Site optimization blog will feel the way micro-blog marketing is reluctant to let the child can not set the wolf.

why is that children can’t set the wolf? Some time ago kedegn webmaster also learn others to do the 2 micro-blog activities, but the activities have failed to get the expected results, fans of the increase is not a lot of coverage rate is relatively low, according to the two event, I summed up micro-blog marketing experience, and share with you:

first: micro-blog needs high quality prizes. A micro-blog activity is like a website, the quality of the content is the soul of the site, and the prize is the soul of an activity. Suck the prize is not what the value of fans, useless things cannot drive fans on the activities of micro-blog, micro-blog will not be playing such activities spread range, naturally know the person is less, your participation will be dropped. The first phase of blogger activity is ixwebhosting host space with a prize, the host is not everyone needs something to webmaster friends not is not what estimate value, but for the webmaster it is very rare, so the first phase of the fans on basic is the webmaster fans, although the fans did not increase much, but for me it is a value of active fans. So the most important is the micro-blog marketing activities of the prizes to suck, do not begrudge the cost, is really the children can’t set the wolf.

: micro-blog needs a lot of time to maintain. Micro-blog 140 word space, a small space, but it is always a lot of people constantly updated. Want to use micro-blog to achieve better marketing results, you need to spend a lot of time in the maintenance of micro-blog above. Optimization and website, micro-blog also need high quality user experience, you have to spend a lot of time for fans to spread your useful information, if the day is not something you refuse to them, they will choose to leave you, so sometimes you will find that your fans in reducing. Fans don’t simple, the webmaster every day is very busy, so don’t save your time in the forum shopping time points for micro-blog, micro-blog building your fans in their hearts.

again: micro-blog needs selfless sharing. This is very important for enterprises. Many companies worry about micro-blog’s transmission rate is so big, if you put the customer on micro-blog want something that will not be peer attack, so many companies are afraid to share their information to the customer. This is to avoid other people’s attack, but also affects your customers, if you want to use the micro-blog marketing, customers will pay attention to your micro-blog, if you don’t share the features of your product in micro-blog, your business.