Resource integration alliance promotion has become the future trend

I think everyone should know the cafe! Very famous a B2B e-commerce platform. now occupy China B2B e-commerce market share of nearly 50%, Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou together occupy 98% of the domestic search market share. Recently, sponsored by the domestic electronic business mogul HC360, major cooperation joint Baidu Google soso, Sogou four Internet giants together to create "League promotion, the effect is king" has finally surfaced.

in < Baidu, Tencent, 360, who will be the real winner of the > a text, I also mentioned: there are "brick house" said, whether it is Baidu,, Tencent, are evolving towards the open platform. This also means that, in the past, the site and the era of leading the page will be the end of an era led by the Internet giant application will be kicked off. The main application of the Internet giant is the leading of the times really want to start? No matter what this cooperation plan really is a big hand, no doubt in the domestic e-commerce market dropped a bomb, affect the development of the revolutionary Chinese of electronic commerce. The concept of HC of the alliance to the customer as the center, to meet the needs of the enterprise, but also solve the effect of many enterprise network marketing is the bottleneck of small and medium enterprises highly touted.

if so, whether the alliance promotion will become an extension of the trend obviously, there is no doubt?. With the growing popularity of SEO, people are more and more aware of it, in recent years, the SEO boom is still rising, according to the development of this, the alliance is bound to become the inevitable outcome of fanaticism. The formation of the promotion of the alliance, is to bring a huge impact on individual owners. If it is a powerful combination of the development trend, and the ability of individuals is limited. So, in the case of limited network resources, there are only two possibilities: first, be eliminated, second were merged.

on the other hand, SEO is not a person can do, we know that SEO focus on the original and the chain. A website is OK, if his website has accumulated a lot of, certainly busy. Therefore, SEO needs a reasonable division of labor and planning. Therefore, the promotion of the team and the alliance will become a trend. This is only a one-sided view of Ningbo SEO, but now can be seen everywhere network company. Under the limited network resources, there is a strong competitive ability of a team.

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