Why not do WeChat public numbers

some people say WeChat public, what good? Operation and trouble, but also every day to find articles and edit articles, published articles, and also promote the promotion, also can not see what effect! But also with user interaction, but also to answer user questions…

In fact,

, E guest teacher not denying many so-called "difficult" during public operations in, but I want to say is, if placed in front of you is a stack of money, you will not think he is in trouble, estimated pinlelaoming also managed to get home, then dug a the hole is hidden in the backyard!! why in front of WeChat public, so many problems, after all, is that you don’t see the future, right, should be the "king of money", so you have no confidence, so you can’t do so even find a few articles will feel the trouble is,


E guest, have special articles written about how WeChat public development, how to profit before, such as "talk about personal WeChat public number how to profit?", "2015 everyone for one of their own micro signal!", these articles which have told us in detail, why do WeChat public no, No. my WeChat public do what is good, WeChat public how to profit, to make money


today E guest teacher does not talk about how to make money in public numbers, the teacher told us a secret, a WeChat public flat number must not do the secret.

[WeChat public number, one can control their own traffic entrance!!]

what traffic entrance? What is BAT3? Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, 360, the four Internet giants is the Internet traffic entrance! China users have a few Baidu search data? Who do not give in Taobao, Alibaba and Tmall open shop? Who has no QQ, no WeChat mobile phone? Who has no computer above 360 browser and install security guards? Do we say the Internet is in the flow, the flow has everything, what is the traffic flow? Is the user, so in other words the Internet users are basically in these predators there, these individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises want to get the user, to reduce the cost of marketing, we are the only way out is to stand on the shoulders of giants, with "rich" circle, find and get accurate customer we want Isn’t it,


then the problem, and these 360 Baidu search engine said your website has a virus, slow access speed, no original ability, feel shy I have to give you the right down, before the 10 tens of thousands of visitors per day, Baidu get 10 thousand visitors every day now is gone; Taobao, Tmall said that in order to control the quality of the product and provide business service capabilities, so we have to provide the standard fee, improve the settled conditions, improve the product is retrieved, the big brands and businesses are more willing to support Taobao, so what are the priority show, so small sellers is more and more difficult, the shop flow is a sudden drop, get on