25 year old Baidu vice president Li Jiaoshou cattle where

Abstract: for a high degree of dependence on advertising revenue for Baidu, advertising competition in the field of environmental change, is one of the reasons why Baidu so much attention to the 90 entrepreneurs. The most typical example is that Baidu now has its biggest competitor, today’s headlines.

December 29th, Baidu announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned Beijing educated Mdt InfoTech Ltd founder Li Jing joined Baidu as vice president, after joining the team is mainly responsible for the advertising business, to explore and research methodology in marketing and product, the future will be directly to the senior vice president of Baidu, Baidu search company president Xiang Hailong.

25 year old Li Jing as vice president of Baidu, breaking the previous record kept by Li Mingyuan, Baidu became the youngest vice president.

Li Jing today in the public, "Li Jiaoshou said," Baidu is the nearly billion valuation of the company acquisitions in the future, the combination of artificial intelligence technology and big data, help develop insight into consumer behavior and marketing, creativity, scheme generation tool for creative or marketing link can be combined by the theory and method of artificial intelligence is completed directly, simplify the work of marketing decision process.

it is understood that at the beginning of this year there have been a number of Internet Co invited Li Jing to join and be responsible for the marketing business, but was rebuffed and Li Jing, until September this year, Baidu invited the hope to do more in line with the "marketing tool" idea, Li Jing eventually chose to join Baidu.

Li Jing said that Baidu found its method system and ideas are very suitable for the use of artificial intelligence to learn, and developed into a tool, so I hope to acquire its team. After the acquisition, the Li Jing team will continue to operate independently, and retain an independent brand.


"finance" reporter Beijing education Mdt InfoTech Ltd business information, its business scope includes technology development, technology consulting, technology transfer, technical services; education consulting (excluding intermediary services); enterprise management consulting; economic and trade consulting enterprises; planning and design; design, production, agents, advertising; Market Research; the application of software services; basic software services; software development; data processing.

in fact, Beijing educated mainly by its public Mdt InfoTech Ltd "Li Jiaoshou" marketing methods and tools. Since 2014, the public has produced articles on marketing methodology at the rate of every Monday. Including "why did you write from hi type copy, X type and Y type copy", "difference marketing people, do not know what is" the market "," why do you have ten years of experience, but not expert? "And other articles, spread the amount of tens of millions in the whole network.

according to the "financial" reporters found that in Beijing by the Mdt InfoTech Ltd’s board of directors, also appeared in Baidu’s shadow. As a director, Qingliu Capital Partners Wang Mengqiu had joined the 100 in 2001.