Push one some views on the film website

now to the website forum to ask questions of the diagnosis of friends are increasing, actually site types and many problems are similar, so I put some with common website and write out): today to talk about some views on the movie station.

asked 1: help me analyze the movie station www.u7ba.com to see where the future profit point.

asked 2: do a short time of the site, but has always been blindly follow suit. A push site trouble diagnosis to friends Zhidianmijin. Look at http://s.yxzj.wvpmx.com, just built. Hey。

answer: it should be said that the movie website is very mature model, you this station from the appearance of the page also no big problem, no details of the optimization, do some SEO work. If you do not use other people’s space domain name, with their own even better.

talk about the views of such sites, personally think that if you do not have sufficient funds and channels to support, do not easily do movie sites. Because the video is too much bandwidth consumption, and make an impact, but also easy to provoke lawsuits. In addition, because now the free online movie resources more and more, and it is easy to get. Didn’t you see that there are hardly any famous movie stations now?.

and such sites if there is no certain channel support, it is difficult to profit. On the profitability of such sites, the last analysis of the 126 movie station, also said, here again!

since it is profitable, then we have to look at the analysis of those who have a profit. General website profit is nothing more than three points, earn advertising fees, charges to the user to provide value-added services. The following one by one analysis:

1, earn advertising is divided into two kinds: one is a kind of advertising alliance, is the user directly in your advertising. The first, then estimated that the joint and the width is not enough. Second needs a large traffic support, but if you can reach someone to throw a lot of monthly advertising level, do not say first cost and how much you can earn, then influence the estimated to bring the lawsuit.

2, charging users. With the improvement of bandwidth and a variety of Internet applications, the free film resources are more and more, and now directly to watch the way to operate such a station, it is not feasible.

3, value added services. This is the most viable estimates, such as selling points commemorative edition of the DVD, movie props, or star signature or something.

says a success story I’ve ever seen. At home, where we have a local movie site, very famous, is paid to watch. But few users to pay him, his profit mainly from Internet cafes, Internet cafes in the office where he is a member, and then all Internet cafes Internet people can watch movies where the average cost is very low. At that time, we are the city and the county’s Internet cafes are almost all of his members, said one year