2014 B2B event marketing status summary

introduction: with the development of the times, 2014 B2B in the field of event marketing more and more attention, more and more obvious effect. But what exactly is the case, let’s look at the data – because the data speak.

first, in 2014 the basic situation of B2B event marketing

According to

Regalix’s latest report, in 2014 91% the B2B marketing people use event marketing, 57% of the people think B2B marketing event marketing is very important for accelerating the growth of business opportunities and sales channels, 33% said more important.

in 2014, 57% of B2B marketers said they only carried out event marketing online, and said that their event is the next line and the joint implementation of the line, and 9% said they only carry out event marketing online.

two, 2014 B2B event marketing the main types of


2014, the most widely used B2B event marketing approach is a press conference. Ranked second to four in the following: business shows, exhibitions, seminars.

ranked fifth to ten in the following categories: seminars, networking events, conferences, workshops, product launches, meeting.

three, 2014 B2B event marketing the main goal of


2014, B2B event marketing, the main objectives are: 1) business opportunities; 2) brand building; 3) customer integration; 4) demand generation; 5) customer education and training; (6) customer sales promotion; ").

four, 2014 B2B event marketing average number


in 2014, 44% of B2B marketers said they had an average of more than 10 event marketing campaigns a year. 18% of people say that a year to engage in 1~3 times, and the number of people said that a year to engage in 4~6 times, 14% of people say 7~10 a year.

five, 2014 B2B event marketing channel


2014, the main channel of B2B marketing marketing events are as follows: 1) E-mail; 2) social media sites; 3); 4) community; 5) direct mail; 6) blog; 7) online display advertising; 8) telephone marketing; 9) paid search; 10) alliance marketing; 11) paper media; mobile APP; 12) 13) 14) mobile web message.

six, 2014 B2B event marketing key indicators


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