Know almost completed the C round of financing Tencent led investment will be integrated with the

know about the many mysteries on financing, prediction of geeks Park prior to the fact that a lot has already.

editor’s note:

According to informed sources,

has almost completed the C round of financing, the valuation will not be less than $300 million. The financing led by Tencent investment, Sogou, innovative workshops are also involved in investment.

According to the

Park geeks understand, this round of financing, Tencent and Sogou known investment is not limited to the level of capital, will also have the depth of integration in the product. Within this week, Sogou and know almost will be held product launches, there will be more detailed information.

as early as a week ago, geeks Park predicted known will be BAT investment news, and analyzes the knowledge in the current round of financing for investment product integration demands. Know about the financing of many mysteries, the following article in fact, has hinted a lot.

"the next investment by BAT, will be aware of it?"

geeks park from informed sources informed that Baidu and Tencent and the two companies have known had to communicate, to discuss investment matters, one has known investment agreement, the results will be announced in the near future.

capital giants began to ebb, harvesting

from the first half of this year, drops and quick unbelievable merger, to the 58 city and go to the market to make the same choice, the opponents have come together to gradually become the industry in the "standard" approach. Sure enough the second half and marriage group and the public comments, where is the acquisition of Ctrip, in their respective areas of first and second companies have died down, the Internet is China towards a comprehensive truce results.

behind this is Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, the three Chinese Internet giants in the field of local life service temporarily. The white hot competition on the Chinese Internet over the past two years has brought the best of times and the worst of times. This high density competition brought about Everfount capital, gave birth to a lot of innovation, there are countless startups the brevity of life. Once stopped, the first is the capital of low tide, then once he began to big company Gu harvest, medium-sized companies want to survive more difficult.

previously involved in these areas of the war involved too much resources and energy giant, the direct impact of the truce is to look at other areas of the giants. Whether it is the layout of the security aspects of Tencent in the near future, or Baidu in the development of artificial intelligence, the giant began to look at other areas of competition from the white hot competition, which includes such a unique existence.

why is know almost

giant logic is in accordance with the demand, travel, tourism, and the high demand has been eleven incorporated, high demand there is not much left, one of which is the content. Currently mobile content products can be divided into two categories: channels and producers. Big strong is the channel, they lack of content. The entire mobile Internet