The blog marketing article Super cheats tool

blog marketing is a large number of enterprises, business, AdSense for the battlefield. The blog is divided into self blog (independent domain name) and blog platform blog (large website blog platform), these two kinds of blog can do SEO optimization and network marketing publicity.

here the key share book marketing platform in the blog, there are about a famous blog platform 40-50, including Sina, Sohu, Baidu, we want to have propaganda effect will be registered in these common blog platform and set up their own blog, so you can start to


to write the article also want to choose the key words to promote, the key words and to promote the marketing of products, services are related.

is a tool written here, of course we want to share a good tool, blog marketing and everyone he is: Han tower blog marketing software.


use this tool, we can quickly implement our blog marketing plan, specifically how to do it?.


choice: using the tool of "marketing" to find the relevant keyword keyword recommendation function we need, since Baidu keyword is removed, we can only rely on their own to find the feeling, now have Han tower blog marketing software, you can quickly find out! Look at the following example:

can also query Baidu, Google, Sogou on a number of related keywords, the function is not limited, the number of queries is not limited!


to find the relevant keywords, you can organize the article, if it is the acquisition of the article can also use this tool to modify the original function of the original collection of articles

software demo video:

article organized, you can begin to release it, some of the specific operation, we can see help video. In fact, the software is just a tool, with the good or bad in the artificial


and share a blog marketing tools, we hope to bring useful!