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Ran Wang, master of economics of Harvard University, Bachelor of business administration at Harvard Business School, 1994 investment bank Goldman Sachs career in the United States, established in 1995 in Beijing Oriental Waldorf financial consulting company, engaged in private equity financing and mergers and acquisitions of financial business, the current China eCapital Vantage Capitals Ltd chairman and chief executive officer.

Discussion on the blog commercial

has been carried out for quite a long time, but so far, we have not discussed as a reason why. Speaking from the flow of number one Sina blog has not been shot in the back row, the blog also mostly in the sidelines, at most small NiuNiuNieNie some temptation. The wind blows, the water flow, blog commercial road and N.

In the face of commercial

1, user fees: if bloggers can give some additional features to let them better expression, display and exchange, there will be some bloggers are willing to pay a monthly fee to a certain. (of course, it’s easy enough to pay). This is similar to the online game equipment, there will always be someone willing to vanity and feel the sense of pocket.