Visit three squirrels feeding shop a 2 5 dimensional manager what kind of snacks

Abstract: don’t sell snacks, but selling a doll, the surrounding coffee cake? The 2.5 dimension of "feeding shop" is what position? Three squirrels offline experience store finally opened, "the world" take you into the shop to give exclusive, with us to see it.



network operators in the world by Liang Zhouqian

September 30th, the first line of the three squirrels experience shop – Feeding Store food store opened in Anhui, Wuhu. After half a year of preparation, the long-term occupation of the top brand online snacks category finally have a line to.

the evening of September 29th, "the world" network reporter went to Wuhu, found the magic 2.5 dimensional shop has been arriving early Master have occupied, we have a warm hand materials, with your feeling is adorable surrounds experience.


is also higher than the people of the town shop treasure, no doubt became a net night red, people who set off to the store and it will be a new trend.


a variety of shapes and expressions of the little squirrel dolls become girls favorite. Big small, men and women, crying laugh, there is always one of your dishes.


a door, uniform clothing, have a cordial smile "squirrel" ready for the "master" service, still hanging pocket filled with sample "feeding bag". From online to offline, the sink of the service experience and the improvement of the whole channel is our very important reason to open a food store. Three squirrels O2O division director Xu Kai told the "world network".


"feeding" comes from the old saying, three squirrels give its definition is "only for themselves and the people closest to feed".



put on the shelves are full of what MOE? Zoom in to a close-up.





is not only a "snack", the next line starting balance of 80 peripheral products as a feed store maximum features, give full play to the advantages of IP three squirrels. The little squirrel other snack pot, ceramic cup, pen and paper Notepad, pillows, dolls, accessories, and even the star of the same paragraph, can get here.

Xu Kai told the "world network", "this is a >