The cross border electricity supplier price war ZhiNiaoKu ended who is the ultimate winner

The first wave of price war

cross-border electricity supplier have ended, who would have thought the "war" first by the maternal and child supplies vertical electric off, around is not high profit margins of baby diapers, milk powder overseas. But much less publicity, price, marketing taste far exceeds the market grappling combat flavor. Until Tmall international, NetEase koala sea purchase and other integrated platform to join in order to scale and suppress the real price of the parties, only to find that in the face of giants, smaller vertical electricity providers who do not have much advantage.

the first pilot cross-border electricity supplier price war starting from overseas diapers, has its market demand and user familiarity with. But this is not a diaper itself how expensive the category, and the profit rate is not high. If they just for marketing purposes, to attract new users, so the fact is: maternal user life cycle from the hard electricity suppliers are extremely limited, the baby will only from 1 to 3 years old to use diapers, milk powder. When the number of target mother no longer buy diapers, they have to spend money in the cross-border electricity supplier under the wave of new mothers…… Such repeated costs will fall into the dead cycle. No wonder some analysts believe that the possibility of cross-border class of maternal and child supplies vertical electricity supplier is almost zero, the future of this industry will eventually eliminate a large number of enterprises.

and more worthy of attention is that Tmall international, such as the purchase of Koala class cross-border electricity supplier platform war.

vertical class cross-border electricity providers increasingly fierce competition

in the past two years, the rapid development of maternal and child vertical cross-border electricity supplier, in 2013, in 2014 two years more densely set up a lot of home, including many cities also have a foothold in the local cross-border electricity supplier. In fact, it is through these years the domestic market mature: Sea Amoy goods concentrated in baby products, while the new generation of 80, 90 mothers have formed the habit of using diapers for the children. More importantly, these young mothers, but also to give their children more secure supplies and food, the price is followed by.

, however, need to be reminded that overseas diapers and milk fever does not mean maternal and child supplies all can get the same attention. The vertical electric business platform also includes baby food supplement bottles, calcium, candy, toys and so on, but the sales volume is far less than the diapers and milk powder, which makes the vertical business platform of the actual business scope is limited.

the price war, the market is obviously the result of the Red Sea, the family can not wait to drain more users. However, they had the object – from the mother of the crowd in the crowd, the crowd to maternal milk powder, diapers for the needs of the crowd, then there is a demand for milk, diapers but more foreign brands — people love down through the layers of screening has been There is not much left. So, cost a lot to look like look for a needle in the ocean can pull as many new users to improved-a.

integrated platform for cross-border electricity supplier spoiler

fact, Tmall international, NetEase purchased the koala sea war, much to improve the "price of diapers >