Elementary discussion on the basic idea of Taobao Optimization SEO

has often been asked how to do Taobao optimization, although in the previous article I have mentioned, but that is not complete, this article I will explain the specific basic idea of Taobao optimization, of course, this idea is just my personal understanding, there are different views can Paizhuan! Taobao optimization at present, more and more people love called Taobao SEO, seo search engine optimization means, and directly linked with the search engine keywords, so the current online information about Taobao SEO only remain in the research on Taobao keyword, Taobao product title, personally think that this is just a narrow Taobao SEO, generalized Taobao SEO is not limited to the keywords, also includes customer experience, promotion strategy shop! The reason why there is this limitation I think we thought these three letters to SEO Limited, ha ha, so I prefer to call Taobao optimization and do not like to call Taobao seo.

Taobao optimization through the optimized design of all aspects of the Taobao store to shop, keyword ranking, commodity exposure rate and click rate increased to improve store traffic, while improving the customer into the store shopping experience, and improve the conversion rate of the product, so as to achieve the effect of shop business is booming! See Taobao optimization should contain the following main from this aspect: Taobao keyword optimization, Taobao map, Taobao optimization main commodity description optimization, image optimization, Taobao Taobao and Taobao popular baby shop decoration optimization optimization.

Optimization: Taobao keyword optimization mainly refers to the title of goods, also contains the shop name, the main role is to increase the probability of keyword optimization store buyers search, we all know the importance of keyword optimization techniques, online! The Taobao SEO data has a lot! You can go to search, not here a detailed description of the


Taobao main chart optimization: the main map is the display of your goods, buyers find the first thing you see is the main map. The main map optimization is rarely explained, but he is very important to improve the click rate of goods. Because buyers looking for goods at the same time show in front of him is not a commodity, but forty or fifty items, how to let the customer to click on your talent shows itself the goods in the forty or fifty items, which is mainly to optimize the role of specific reference before I send in the webmaster network this article "Taobao main commodity Figure Optimization neglected to improve commodity hits the secret


product description Optimization: the main role now mention two aspects. One is to attract customers, improve the conversion rate of turnover of goods (the most important); the second display store promotional information, to guide customers to see store other commodities, thereby increasing the amount of the purchase of customers. In front of the webmaster network in this article, Taobao commodity description optimization success stories, I have detailed, here is not to say.

Taobao commodity image optimization: as the name suggests is to deal with a good picture, originally belongs to the optimization of the goods described in the matter, the reason for his independence, in order to highlight the importance of his >