Enterprises do not attach importance to the construction site is no good

many companies do a website, but did not pay attention to the site, as long as the site is established, then the order will Everfount like, if you think so, then you are completely mistaken, the website of the customer, what is he looking for? What is the most important to him? Customers browse the corporate website search is he needed information, and he wanted this information to him is true, timely, suitable for his information.

will use the Internet for businesses, good corporate website is a good start, follow-up management of enterprise website is the key, if your company information is not complete, then, will have an impact on your business to a large extent:

1, website content is not targeted

great love to do such a company introduction to your company, we have set up many years, how much distance from the port, airport how much distance; you find this information useful? Buyers interested in this information? They are real products, rather than the development of your company and the qualification process, of course, these is necessary, but not absolutely necessary.

2, the website content of the poor

well, very little content, a simple introduction of the company, and some product pictures to get away, this is obviously not responsible person seriously, give people the feeling that you do things carelessly, please, give customers the impression, the attitude of doing things, the company’s Web site so perfunctory, then, strength the company did not estimate how drop.

3, website information is not concise

website information is very useful, but not much, what is said not to say, what are all small household affairs, on the page, originally a word will tell, you have to engage in some say clear, if I was a customer, you will be bored to death, concise and refined is very important.

in the integrity of the information, if the customer is difficult to find on your website the information he is interested in, or it is difficult to through the search engine to find method to your website, your basic corporate website is very beautiful, but can create a good image in the minds of customers? In these elements is the real embodiment of enterprise the professional image of the place.

the image of the enterprise need to build, and the speed of the site should also consider the problem, if the site open speed slow, everything is empty, foreign trade station then there is a need to buy foreign hosts like IXWebHosting not only has the Chinese website (, and also supports Alipay payment, when you pay attention to these details here, then, you must have the corporate image, the real effect of your site is reflected.

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