9 asked Jingdong cloud open is the unity of the integrator rather than revolution

Jingdong cloud came again. This time it will reach the government, printing, education, commercial real estate, wholesale and retail and other fields. In the face of different standards, the partner of the Jingdong of all sorts of strange things, how to deal with? Jingdong vice president of technology and chief scientist just what the answer is: cooperation and unity inside the city at all levels of Chinese small integrators, help them to change their life, instead of leather.

is the following 9 key issues Jingdong cloud new business:

question 1: at present our country various government departments pay more attention to the construction of a government cloud and ask Jingdong cloud in the government cloud construction this one do, in the face of government procurement market demand continues to increase, there is no next plan


He Gang: you just asked the government cloud direction and procurement, is what we have been doing last year. In fact, we are divided into two directions, one is called the public cloud, the other is the private cloud.

public cloud is vigorously promoted by the government, the central government, including all levels of government, 10 years to start a number of pilot cities in the country to promote the public cloud landing. Jingdong in June last year also launched our public cloud services, providing cloud based services from the computing resources to storage resources to a series of cyber source for the government and enterprises, we are at the end of last year the beginning of this year by the Ministry of industry of cloud certification.

private cloud, at the beginning of this year, leaders at all levels have also been strengthened in the entire Chinese government system of information, to gradually transition to the localization, not just hardware, including software. In this regard, in fact, Jingdong may be different from some of the industry’s Internet Co corresponding practices. We are not only standard certification in the public cloud, private cloud will also be our Jingdong accumulation, whether in the computational level, or level of data, and big data analysis, every kind of system, as well as the customer data center, to provide services for our government. In 6 and July of this year, we have a list of cloud services based on the government procurement of information on the list of 11.

next, Jingdong will continue to invest in the government cloud, on the one hand, the scale, we hope that the basic operation, whether public or private cloud cloud way mechanism can be extended to more and more enterprises to go inside, on the other hand we will also pay attention to more services. On the basis of cloud, such as inventory and large data analysis and other aspects of the introduction of more and more forms, regardless of the form of public cloud and private cloud form, with the whole country to the requirements of the domestic transformation.

question 2: Jingdong released a new program, the electricity supplier cloud, logistics and cloud financial cloud. The latter two users when there is a necessary condition, you must first have a platform on the Jingdong cooperation, in order to use these two solutions. Is that so,


He Gang: logistics finance, data analysis of the two aspects of logistics integration including new services today we launched, we are also the majority of enterprises, may be the most concerned about the two directions. Our solution is complete >