Magic department store failed after we do not back 95

July 6th news, electricity business circle, two dimensional circle, after 90 and 95 circles every day in the myth. However, the magic department founder Wang Kaixin "fell down" the story stirred several dimensions.

in mid May, the media to expose the magic department operation data fraud, and the founder of Wang Kaixin’s character, life habit and attitude towards work detailed reports, from a "bad faith, break the pale" after 98 image Huobian industry, Wang Kaixin and the magic department for the "known" hot, all former employees, anonymous the staff broke and Tucao after another, Wang Kaixin suffered a credit crisis.

founder and CEO Wang Kai Xin Department of magical

June 27th, known to almost one anonymous users broke the news, the two dimension electricity supplier "magic department" and the whole company evaporate overnight, office room, when the man broke open the company WeChat group, want to ask to know the time, but found himself has been "kicked" out group. Finally, and after the company’s old colleagues to get in touch, he learned that magic department cut a total of two employees of the Department of the 11, the most striking is one of the Department is responsible for the supply chain.

According to the official version of the magic

department store, was moved from the original address Keyuan North Branch Building, the new site is the overseas Chinese town wisdom square. "To dismiss me you did give me the next company to move and new address!" suddenly fired, can not find the company’s employees said.

two months after the 95 magic girl’s fantasy trip by PA was injured all over the body, "myth" burst is a reality. This can not help but once again lead the industry to think deeply: "myth" is how to appear?

let us listen to 95 after voice: How did they see the 95 venture through




, in fact, investors do not see the fundamental business model, is a marketing advantage, that is, his 90 attributes. But the pot we do not carry back after 90 – Zhai Zhai GUI butterfly

"let these entrepreneurs do not know the sense of responsibility for what the leadership, I can only say that the love of their employees, is really too bad." Kaito kuroba –

"lack of social experience and overly self character, she let other people can’t deal with the relationship of the team, will inevitably lead to discrete team people fall apart." Nicole ·

"success or defeat it, I think the 17 year old girl to live very cool. We have our own independent thinking ability, imitation, conformity, who feel for who not that finally you may also become a pawn that defeated." – where is the Japanese purchasing