A simple website easily earn Taobao passenger Commission

with Ali mother to increase Taobao off publicity, more and more people join the ranks of Taobao customers, how can not do Taobao off one of their own website, posted on the forum, like this poster is managed more and more strict, so do Taobao customers must have their own the site, but also on Sina blog a blog. No web site experience, and will not be programmed, so how to do it? I’ll tell you how to build a good Taobao guest site!

I do Taobao off it for a long time, just started to do is complete, wide, involving all the goods the entire Taobao category, so now the ancient "Amoy rebate network" in the development of ideas to the. Now summed up what the target is wrong, the most fundamental flaw is the site without a unity of purpose, also have a core keywords, so the site of Taobao passenger goods ranking is not good, the overall ranking of website is very poor. Do Taobao customers should do to do, on the one hand, Taobao guest goods, such as Taobao women’s clothing, Taobao weight loss drugs and the like (these two are very competitive, no SEO experience as far as possible not to involve).

recently got a website that is designed to do Taobao channel promotion of the website, this website is inspired by a similar website, the station he is doing very well, the keyword "taobao.com" can be ranked into the top 20, the website design is very simple, is to use nested Taobao iframe commodity promotion channel. So I would also like to try, but I did not use iframe, because I think the site with a lot of iframe search engine included adverse. Here is how to do this kind of website.

first, landing Ali mother’s website, access to a promotion channel after the promotion of the site to open in IE, and view its web page source code (in the web site at any location right click the mouse to select the source file can be viewed).

and then save it as a HTML file format, with IE open to see if it is a simple page on the production of ah, the content of the same channel before the promotion page exactly the same.

next we need to do some simple processing, the total can not be on the line of it! You need to add their own web site elements, such as site icons, web navigation, etc.. These can be done with table or DIV+CSS, after he put it on the page just below it. Well, the site a promotion page OK, if you can read the code, you can also copy the source code to cut, remove those unnecessary content.

finally, you can look at Baidu, download a PHP version of the Taobao API program, will be done just to promote the integration of the page together, that a website is basically completed. Why do you want to put such a program Taobao has a very large database, the API program can get inside the commodity data, so the search engine every time you visit your site will find