Tmall to tighten the entrance of the brand electricity supplier affected geometry

Tmall released new rules of the game, the electronic business platform or will usher in a new round of reshuffle. In March 2nd, Tmall released the 2015 annual "mall merchants qualification rules on its website" (hereinafter referred to as the "rules"), the new standard of investment will begin in March 9, 2015 to zero, and synchronization of publicity on the first list of brands targeted investment.

Tmall’s new regulations not only improve the registration of new businesses settled time, capital and trade marks and other threshold requirements, but also the direction of the investment will be significantly inclined to big brands. Analysis of the industry, unfair competition which will effectively combat fake, brush single line, but also have a certain impact on the small and medium-sized enterprises and brand, may be forced to go multi platform development path in the future.

directional investment priority to big brands tilt

the latest adjustment "Tmall 2015 annual investment qualification rules", involving cosmetics, jewelry accessories, household appliances, shoe bags, 3C digital, health care products and medicine, food and other 13 categories. Insiders admitted that before Tmall access threshold is relatively low, resulting in a large number of businesses appear uneven in quality management chaos.

the introduction of the "rules" clearly, to business conditions, time limit, apply for registration of registered capital and registered trademarks have certain restrictions, such as a company registered capital requirements to have more than 1 million yuan, the general taxpayer qualification, established in accordance with the law for more than two years, should have registered trademarks and other requirements.

It is reported that

, the adjustment of the investment standard is only at midnight on March 9, 2015 the new application in operating businesses, which means that after March 9th, not in the public list within the Tmall brand will not apply settled. From the current list of the first batch of publicity on the list, with foreign brands and domestic well-known brands, originality and grassroots brands less.

for different categories, in addition, Tmall also adopted a different investment strategy. Cosmetics, clothing, footwear, luggage, outdoor sports in these four categories, the investment of the minimum number of Tmall brand.

and in the four category, Tmall only for brand owners and single brand agents investment, help businesses to open flagship stores and franchise stores; multi brand agents are not within the scope of investment, also does not support the store opened.

Tmall relevant responsible person said that the business has been operating in Tmall, not affected by the new standards. But if you want to open a new brand, the same need to follow the new investment standards. Tmall merchants brand will be based on consumer demand and the structure of the various categories of the Tmall market, at the right time to update the content will be updated in Tmall merchants channel publicity.

existing businesses will enjoy more new regulations bonus

Tmall original positioning is a stylish, high-end shopping platform. But a few years of development has been facing the problem of uneven in quality." As Foshan local well-known business enterprise leader, Guangdong people addict Network Technology Co..