Hyperlink alliance seems to be running on the League of evil evil single

      yesterday has been linked with Admin5’s poison, reflecting the number of annoying things encountered these days, involving two advertising alliance. Before entering the topic, I first talk about the advertising situation.

      in fact, he is a small webmaster, monthly advertising costs will be thousands of pieces, I believe that one day will break through the target. Now do the longest is Adsense, the unit price is good, then Ali alliance out, but also to do the bidding of YAHOO, and this year began the theme of Baidu. Although several of these alliances have said yes, but also to say bad, but personally feel that they are mature technology, operational process is very strong, but also very trusted them. Because at least, they will not run away, not buckle and buckle in a flagrant way, or not to do so.

      usually attached also to do a few small things, DHC can also be recommended, although do not long, but for me the station performance can also be. But it wasn’t until the first payment. This is the advertiser hyperlink alliance www.pluslink.cn, not only absconding, even did not leave any contact, the website today has 4 days can not be opened. This is the first time I met the foot of the union. If you do have the same hyperlink union brother, you can check this address, see if you can find the relevant person, such as:

      address: Shenzhen City, modern city of Nanshan District (Hua Ting) 6 Building 1 unit 10D
      E-mail: [email protected] zip code: 518054
      Tel: 0755-86228167 Fax: 0755-86228197
      Guangdong ICP No. 06100036      

      the above contact from Baidu snapshot.

      of course, the hyperlink is only a small coalition that started last year, and Dangdang is a relatively large League, but also so immoral. The beginning of the sale of Dangdang books, is through hyperlinks to the alliance to do a custom connection, hyperlinks on the run, naturally want to replace the Dangdang union code to do. Some people may ask, why not directly with the Dangdang union code to do? The reason is very simple, from last year Dangdang alliance in behind the plate Wangzhuan disappeared, no one seems to Dangdang alliance is responsible for liaison and support. No one mailbox, plus QQ group also no reason, the background of the message board is everywhere to ask for information, but not a few months >