Enterprise micro blog marketing we do not have banner


business marketing is now increasingly rare indefinitely, many enterprises do not know how to carry on the business of micro-blog marketing, every day is repeating the published company product information, but do not stop there complaining, why not my micro-blog fans, my micro-blog show is why so low and negative words. But I never thought about how to run a micro-blog, how to improve the quality of the fans, do live micro-blog. Micro-blog enterprise marketing that is to increase corporate exposure, visibility and recognition of marketing, now Wuhan college students part-time network editor of anaerobic 100 passengers for everyone of several specific reasons:

first, the reasons for the decline in the number of fans

There are many reasons for the decline in the number of

fans, but it is basically a part-time editor in chief of the University of Wuhan, said a few hundred million oxygen. Content does not work, the user does not like to leave; some fans came because of the event, the end of the event, because of the activities and go. For the fans because we still go away, that is, these fans are meant for you and not too many prizes, use value. But for the content, the left of the real blood, because these are real fans, they are attracted to your content and come, because you let go of the content of his disappointment and go.

users will love your company micro-blog what? This is a micro-blog marketing enterprises have to consider the issue, what is it that you enterprise features, to carry out your micro-blog marketing from your enterprise characteristics, I believe we will get. Starting from the product to marketing micro-blog seems too pale, unless the product itself has its own uniqueness, if it is the streets of the product can be seen everywhere, you give up.

second, multi-channel marketing model, integrated marketing

a way to promote his methods and results. Single use of a promotion is not up to the desired effect. Some want to do big business, to seize each promotion, the influence of the enterprise is the best!

above the cartoon, we should also see, like micro-blog, your website, users, how to connect properly, the three party to obtain the maximum benefit is the micro-blog marketing needed to show why many of the enterprises to carry out marketing micro-blog said, should be directed at micro-blog marketing for everyone the cost of marketing to do marketing, but micro-blog can be regarded as Wu cost marketing, if you do not, that is the negative marketing, operation micro-blog, website operators are very close on every link, then set up between us to think about, if you are a user, you pay attention to those who love what? You can do on a micro-blog, if you ask one hundred buyers of your product users, why do they love your product, answer a few Almost can come out, then this is the focus of the enterprise micro-blog, how to expand marketing this is a breakthrough, and then fine differentiation.

III, micro-blog later maintenance >