QQ group ranking post problem solution core optimization technology first public rules

talked about the QQ group ranking post, maybe a lot of QQ group ranking optimization have encountered such problems, of course, you have to understand what is the reason? How to restore the post? There is no quick solution? The answer is yes, the degree of this thorny problem m share for many years ranked QQ group experience. This technique is also disclosed for the first time, here is the cause and solution of the QQ group ranking post carefullyanalysis.

, a group of violations caused by the post and the solution


1, group head violations do not have to be surprised, the picture may be an ad map or violation of the map is detected by the system or peer report.

can be modified into a landscape map or character map.

Advertising content is not related to

2, group members of the group to upload some illegal album and the theme of the group or gray industry, fraud are likely illegal, this time to clean up the album and only allow him or upload, can avoid such violations.

3, group chat violations in group members may have some of your customers are, of course, do not rule out some in advertising, publishing some prohibited words, your post was reported to the group, through the swarm robot setting related contraband thesaurus, as long as the touch will automatically kick, is not very advanced


4, other groups within the file violations can be cleaned up in time

above a few can be restored after the completion of all star records, the general slow is 5 days, then quickly within 1 hours to get it, see the details of the operation in place or not.

Cause and solution of

two and group normal state


is a group of 2000 people like you, and you the same keywords, group data sets are exactly the same situation, when you discover that the group of 500 people, or even a group of 200 people ranked better than you, your group ranking fell into the following pages. This is more difficult to solve the problem, usually a new group or a long time without management and maintenance of the group. So here you need to do the group after the violation, and then re – restored, that is, our dark method, do not be surprised, in fact, this recovery operation is also very fast.

is ranked in the QQ group to solve the problem of post core optimization technology scheme for the first time publicly sharing rules, more practical solutions will be in the QQ group ranking operation from the recent share of meters, a focus on the whole network the most effective marketing scheme of young artists, at Baidu fast ranking, more details of the operation case and the network marketing, please pay attention to dry cargo WeChat Q6156816, the public number: dumeboke welcome to communicate, to surprise you, please respect the original results under me, please indicate the link, thank you.