How to use Baidu to promote fans

Baidu is also able to promote fans, this is for us white may be an incredible thing, because now use Baidu’s products to promote our fans or less. For Baidu promotion, we do not need everyone to do how the quality of the article, but need to pay attention to some details, so that we can grow new fans.

so what are some of the ways Baidu promotes our fans?

said in the promotion before, we need to pay attention to is our attitude, we may be a lot of people are relying on the trumpet to do, but it is not large, which leads to the content we cannot be accepted, you may have deleted the hair. We may stick to a day of the results it would be deleted, which we don’t have to complain, because this is very normal, no need to complain, to accumulate for reasons, then we can avoid these problems.

first: Post Bar

In fact,

Post Bar browsing is good, people is our basic Post Bar 90, who is our most operators are love people, so this is very convenient for us to transform the.

Post Bar promotion for us is the biggest problem facing us is limited very serious, often be delete, when you do not understand the pre promotion may delete rate reached 90%, which is a severe blow to our enthusiasm. Stick for us to promote, we need to pay attention to is:

1 graphic combination

2 Title

3 content

more than three points for our stick promotion is very important, of which the most important is our title and content. If we say the title which covers the content of the advertisement, then we delete rate is 100%, for example, crush WeChat /QQ****, we may be many people will feel such a title or content with words, so many people will add to. Indeed, it can bring bad male fans, but you do not want, you do not delete delete who posted to you? Post Bar for Baidu, the promotion of information inside our ads, then in a minute is sure to be deleted, even if it is not removed. Then the system is automatically deleted.

so what do we need to promote the post bar?

first of all, we need to simplify the title, attractive, not the title of the old long, so we are not able to attract readers, readers will feel tired after reading the eyes. Even if you are in the top of the list, agree to ignore your content, look at the following. The best way is that we put the title and content to do, not with a marketing content on the inside, we can have the marketing content, but not in the content inside, but in our comments, when we browse the life more, so we must be someone will come on.