n the network of small property is not difficult a method for sharing

is it difficult to make a fortune?

is really difficult, so many people have left a few results.

made a small fortune to


is relatively easy, but we can not see small money, think low.

can not send big money, small money dismissive, with the old man’s words, it is not called a rich life.

last week, Gong Wenxiang sent a guy on micro-blog to sell a QQ with 2000 contacts to sell the 2W thing.



said the information is relatively small, but this kind of thing is reliable, 2000 contact 2W, is a 10 yuan, the price is not outrageous, I guess it’s more accurate contact, such as a profession, or a certain gender age; it is messy, not much the value of contact, by the hand of Gong Wenxiang is not difficult to sell 2W, a fan of his nouveau riche base, there are always a few will fancy.

so I also made a talk about: This is true, 4000 or so friends micro signal is very valuable, QQ number of 2000 friends is also valuable, of course, the premise must be to ensure that most of the friends are real, not to brush. In fact, now popular micro business environment, little money is not difficult, nothing to do on the whole several thousands of friends of WeChat to sell, or the use of these large issuers of advertising can also get good returns. But the actual situation is like this: can do thousands of good friends are not willing to take the account to sell, willing to take the patient to sell these accounts do not grow. It’s not so hard to do well.

why dare to say so, because this year there is also a person I want to buy QQ, offer 20W (actually the number is contempt.)……

you do not worry, although I like money, but it will not sell my QQ friends, plus my people, are looking at my article to, in other words, is hard work, a lot of money can not buy.

why would anyone buy? Because these are the buyers database ah, used properly, to earn the number is an easy job to do, and WeChat QQ, these are strong, many cashability stronger than micro-blog, subscription number etc..

QQ, a few months

generally do a 2000 contact, do a micro signal 5000 friends to half a year, according to the above price, to work almost, so some people are willing to pay to employees, some people are willing to spend money to buy directly off the shelf, there are people willing to get themselves slowly. But is to choose the most suitable way.


so there’s nothing to argue about. It’s the best choice for you. We don’t have to worry about anyone else.

I’m here to say one