Bidding is the bridge of business success

a, competitive advantage

1, quick. Auction and directory of the former network is the fastest, the day of advertising, the day will be able to see revenue. Because in the shortest possible time, copy the success of others. Speed + income is the last word.

2, you can spend a small amount of cost, to test your product or service, the results of the test to evaluate your conversion rate but also the sales process. Can save you a lot of time cost

two, how to choose the product?

in the selection of products, we first consider our products to adapt to the crowd, as well as what needs to be in such a choice will have a clear direction.

1, in the crowd we can be divided into four categories:

positioning: men, women, the elderly, children

2, what are their needs?

(1) knowledge needs (2) aesthetic needs (3) health needs (4) make money demand (5) personal belief

3, the characteristics of the product and the structure of the crowd to see the product distribution

(1) children, men (learning, education, educational products, etc.) are seeking knowledge

(2) women, men (weight loss, breast enhancement, high-end watches, etc.) are aesthetic

(3) elderly, children (health, health, vision, development, etc.) are healthy

(4) business men and women (services, software, information, projects, etc.) to make money

(5) business men and women, old man (ANN son blessed, Blessed is the belief of


three, do bidding products need to meet the conditions

1, the product cost must be low, profit must be high, at least 10%- – more than 70%.

2, the product effect is better, the choice of products under the decision easily.

3, whether to repeat the purchase, so that you can continue to increase profits.

4, the sale of the product, if it is exclusive sales will be better, because it can avoid competition.

5, is suitable for the current season, one of the reasons for the impact of profit.

6, as far as possible not to enter the highly competitive industry products, avoid fiery competition.

7, always pay attention to market trends, if there is exposure or strike products, it is best not to sell.

four, we choose the product from the several channels to start

1, medical investment class website

currently on the market to sell a lot of products, we go to Baidu, search for medicine, investment and other keywords, there will be unexpected sites, which >