Site planning and operation of the five essential programs

with the progress of the times, the rapid development of the world of the Internet, the website has been developed from the simple information stack to the chapter shows different categories, different styles of interactive sites, the number of sites is also increasing. But more people want is the real value of the site, and not the content of superficial, lifeless site. This puts forward high requirements to the website operation planning.

market positioning

is a basic condition for the survival and development of a website, such as the self cognition of the people. Divided according to the content, the basic can be divided into four categories:

1, "information" web site information mainly

2, "utility class" site mainly to the practical use of customers

3, "business class" website is mainly based on network transactions

4, entertainment website mainly entertainment based

various types of sites, the degree of popularity is not the same, many websites in order to increase the number of visitors, often all kinds of information in one, hope that through its extensive amount of information to visitors. I don’t think this idea is desirable. Web site requires its own survival and development, it is necessary to establish their own audience and professional direction. This requires planners of market investigation, sampling, analysis, research on market orientation.

two, self analysis

understand the market situation, it is more important for their own analysis of the situation.

should be aware of their existing resources, the advantages of their own team in what place, and even need to know what kind of external resources can be used well. Only with their own advantages and market demand, to ease the site planning and management.

three, website construction

combined with their own advantages and market demand, builders can be able to provide customers with the resources to integrate the collation, list of Web sites, and to expand the content of these columns. Expansion of the content on the one hand to vote for the customer, on the one hand to adhere to their own characteristics. To stabilize existing customers and expand potential customers.

is well known, a website is valuable, the most fundamental is the most direct look at the popularity of the site. Site operators to increase the click through rate through various ways to attract investment.

four, business income

mainly includes: information publishing fees, advertising fees, site fees, SMS platform, organized activities with fees, agency fees, survey report product cost, business expenses, membership fees, etc..

five, follow-up products

through the development of follow-up products, you can increase revenue, improve website vitality. Such as CD production and distribution, the establishment of the website brand, etc..