Explain why the site does not make money is how to identify the profit model

webmaster, a day tens of thousands of income – a lot, a few days to the hair, a little bit didn’t also There are plenty of people who in the end is what causes, this part of the webmaster can’t make money?

in the early stages of the site to choose the theme, some owners will often choose to do the popular keywords, but it also shows that there are a lot of popular senior webmaster and SEO master in doing. After the establishment of the site can do is to pick up some super long tail words get a meteor, no traffic to the site of course does not produce income. When selecting popular keywords, still need to analyze this keyword is short-term or long-term hot hot, such as "happy girl" of this program, the game is not over, the search volume each player is more than 100 thousand, and now decreased heat, only 20% of the time, this is not suitable for a long time to do keywords. So select the first point of the web site keywords is not blindly follow the trend, the theme of popularity is not too high, nor too low, moderate, such words competition is small, such as a star, every day the Baidu index is 2000, so long as certain keywords do Baidu first, believe that one day the traffic will not be less than. Do popular keywords garbage station.

site theme selected, if not for the outreach and search engine SEO, the flow does not come, do not earn money, benefits low traffic can not, it needs to make the network marketing work. Network marketing to achieve success, not only to do publicity work, but also to ensure the high quality of web content. This requires that the site needs to have its own characteristics, such as to make a feature of the topic or to make an ordinary theme has a color, to attract user attention.

, have a higher quality of the content of the web site in the search engine weight will increase, users see when browsing the page to attract its attention articles may be added to the favorites, so the search engine is an optimization process for users.

quality good article, no publicity will not be added, so the next step need not leave the force of mass propaganda. Especially for the just accused of cable engine included site, if not targeted publicity, may have to wait a few months time, flow can be stable in a height. The high quality of the original article published to the large forum on the corresponding plate, leaving the website address, so that not only can attract Baidu spider to grab, also can bring a lot of short-term flows through the links in this article, the article was reproduced after can increase the number of external links.

to introduce a more old-fashioned but the effect is still obvious method, bulk mail. Bulk mail to the amount to win, so the need for a huge e-mail address, you can buy from the hacker, the price is not expensive on the e-mail address. Although many of the mailbox’s ability to identify spam has been strengthened, but the one hundred million mail can also bring a lot of traffic. The same way through the QQ group link, etc., but also related to specific software >