Small and medium sized website promotion means

A: SEO (search engine optimization)

today, some of the means of promotion is actually the old growth talk, I am also a summary of the main. A site in the absence of funds, but also want to get very targeted traffic. SEO is the best means, and entertainment, leisure, information is particularly suitable for the site. Because these types of Web site keywords, not like e-commerce website keywords, it will directly produce economic benefits, so there will not be many people do ppc. And the search for such words is particularly high. So there is a very high SEO value, now a lot of entertainment website, on SEO every day now for a few W IP. A relatively simple example, in the Baidu search Youku "" appears on the first page of some small sites, by optimizing the two day search volume WIP dozens of words, as long as the first page, every day a few easy access to W IP, you can put the network advertisement to make money.

two: Forum promotion (soft Wen promotion)

Forum promotion is my first promotion, but also I have been aware of the lowest threshold promotion. As long as people will go to the forum post, will do this. Forum promotion is actually very simple, first of all, clear your site target users mainly on what kind of forum, or what model block. Pre do a good job of preparation, the more popular forums and plates are collected. Then the corresponding soft going to a post, and then through the traffic statistical analysis obtained in the forum which version of the IP, PV and the highest conversion rate. Then focus on these forums to promote.

three: Q & a website promotion

Q & a website, I think it is also very suitable for small and medium sites to promote. This and the promotion means, a bit like SEO+ BBS promotion complex. Because the quiz website promotion, mainly to do some of your website and related keywords, is for the answer questions, with the keywords you want to do in the title, so that when users search these keywords in the quiz website, your ad card is easy to be seen. And now the Q & a site traffic is also very large. For example, Baidu know, is the second largest channel Baidu traffic. Because the question and answer web site advertising stickers, the user is found through keyword search, so the user is particularly strong targeted.

, of course, there are some details in the promotion of Q & a website tips. For example, we must first clear, Q & a website users generally used to search what kind of words, but also to be related to your website products. The first clear these keywords, then register multiple vest to ask ourselves from a. In order not to let the site administrator and users are considered to be advertising stickers. There are also some techniques to ask questions and answer questions. When I do, is generally 1 weeks with an account to ask for 3 weeks in a vest to reply, 5 weeks and then landed the questions of the account to the answer set to the best answer vest. There is a certain time