Website sentiment analysis 3 the Chinese marketing community sentiment and analysis

by the webmaster China marketing community ( invited to write a review of the station, took the time to go.

landed the Chinese marketing community suddenly thought of 99 years, Alibaba when Ma Yunfa entrepreneurial temper at the time of the joint venture guys must make the Alibaba made of BBS form. Quickly open the current Alibaba look at the home page is not the style of the BBS, but in the logo next to impressively wrote, the world’s leading online trading market and business community". Think of the proportion of survey report "iResearch 31.6% of Internet users use the forum time total online time is 20%-40%; the user login community website the primary purpose is to find a solution, accounting for up to 74.8%, it seems the choice of the community as the site webmaster form form, also is the love of the tide.

marketing community content architecture is simple, mainly Online Marketing Institute, e-commerce area, marketing people inn is the three plates, but from the popular tags can be seen the basic training webmaster much attention to marketing. The site is just a young man is a small, but solid upward, and poetic, see page webmaster is seeking "Spring Festival for the antithetical couplet: bridge tunnel bridge bridge connected paved the road of happiness" to "I hereby protects the station of the District, district station, station the interaction built into the global village" fun with you.


community forum beyond count how to build their own business model, should be considered to the webmaster should rely on. Community profit mainly advertising revenue, e-commerce revenue, value-added business revenue, advertising revenue does not need to say more, e-commerce revenue is not e-commerce sector owners, but the community combined with electronic commerce, trading behavior in the community website, for the community to provide users with convenient online sales. In this regard, the owner of the network opened trading forum has been exploring the development of the road, but ultimately must be introduced to provide credit guarantee third party online payment platform can be developed. I believe there will be a lot of people in the exploration. The so-called value-added services revenue, my understanding is to carry out precision marketing, the use of a huge database of community research and analysis of user behavior, needs, joint related units to carry out targeted marketing and promotional activities. Such as beauty community can be combined at present vigorously gifts activities DH cosmetics for community users advertising, send gifts, carry out experience writing activities. And then you can also apply for DH cosmetics online distribution channels, since stationmaster net in million net channels will be got the best development award, beauty cosmetics community as distribution channels, marketing community become training institutions in the distribution channels and what is wrong.

finally want to want to develop in the community and the majority of the owners said "do not do to their community, find a cooperative enterprise to concentrate on helping enterprises do you use on the network with the strength of the business expertise to build a community of cooperative enterprises to understand the target consumer behavior and consumer psychology to guide the consumer concept, observation then help >