Daily topics the end of the month traffic cleared to see how controversial whether you fair

station network (www.admin5.com) August 22nd news, recently, Changsha lawyer Liu Ming as a consumer will China Mobile Changsha Company to court, directed at the mobile phone Internet package flow cleared the end of the month is not reasonable. This event a people can not help but also think about this question: "mobile phone Internet package cleared the end of the month is legal, fair".

in the view of most consumers, since the traffic package is to spend money to buy, then those who do not run out of data traffic should be like eating the rest of the meal, you can pack away. Monthly data traffic did not run, really like not eating the food can be packed away? In fact, the reason is very simple, for example, you need to make a phone call, only when you start to dial when telecom operators began to allocate resources for you, but after you connect with another person, then began to enter production the real process of production, the result is you and another person call service. When you do not call, the operator will release the network resources available to other consumers.

traffic consumption the reason is similar to that of the operators in the tariff package provided by the amount of traffic only users at the time of consumption makes sense, from the angle of resource management he is providing the allocation of resources in the amount of the commitment to you, rather than the flow of commitment. Because from the perspective of communication, communication resources, and not every consumer exclusive, otherwise you can imagine a spectrum allocation to each user, then consumers will be faced with the high price of communication? The reason for the more popular words is: consumers buy a certain amount of subscription packages, packages in the commitment of time and flow how many consumers use, range, operators can provide much; if consumers do not use operators for extra production will not, but need to put part of the cyber source release to other consumers. So it seems that there is no flow of production, it is impossible to be packed away in the next month and then use the.

we may ignore another problem is the existence of the package. Changsha mobile marketing department responsible person explained that the operators to launch Internet traffic package is a set of preferential measures bad use time limit, generally inferior files, the package package sound than non internet traffic packages to discount a lot. Customers according to their own needs to choose the right package, you can use the package within the agreed time packet flow. If customers do not want to use packages, you can choose the standard tariff, the right to choose the customer. Although "how much, how much" compared to the standard tariff, traffic packages to offer a lot, but many consumers still think "provisions of the end of the month package traffic cleared unreasonable. It is understood that the operator in the flow of packages, are clearly marked "packages containing flow only used during the month, the unused traffic is not cumulative, carryover, repaying".

, in fact, does not clear does not matter, but I hope the Internet tariff can be lower." Some consumers think, to reduce mobile Internet Standards >