Wang Xueji President of PHPWind PHPWind work together to create brilliant local website

webmaster network news, "2009 Chinese local website development forum" in October 17, 18 days held in Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel, 400 local websites from around the country gathered together to discuss the development plan, the following is PHPWind president Wang set in its wonderful speech.


            good morning ladies and gentlemen, very honored to share with you the history and future of PHPWind PHPWind, since its inception has been focused on the community of software field, and to make the community more valuable as vision, for the majority of the community to provide community based on the construction of excellent software the product service chain gradually, and provide one-stop service for the development of community website. Today to talk about three levels, the first is the ecological chain and value of community sites, the second is the relationship between PHPWind and community sites, the PHPWind is the technical innovation in the.

community website ecological chain we see community relations with the basic elements of interactive content of people, we can see in the forum, media portals, SNS three layer morphology of the Internet community, and extends to the content of the media, interactive marketing, value-added services, e-commerce is a business revenue model of the whole value system. At the same time, in recent years the community website favored by many users, especially the local and industry website, plus the return channel to get some improvement, the whole community website ecological chain has a certain scale, PHPWind as software development and community service providers, through innovative technologies and products, mining community website media value and customer relationship value, and thus the extension relies on a variety of operational scenarios of the income pattern, of course we want to do so PHPWind development system, also must establish a relationship with the community website, can help the community website development more quickly from what level, but also more healthy development, so we through the operation of the community, content marketing, membership stickiness. Discuss the future direction of development and e-commerce channels and master level.

so the entire team from their own requirements, we expect the whole team is PHPWind operation team, at the same time from the original to the community forum software software and App Center transformation, on the basis of original products, we use the original model of standard system, so that the community web site to the media and the level of e-commerce development, products in the kernel, we in order to reduce the site two times the cost of development, standardization and development process, we strengthen the scalable software, such as user center and distributed extension system, this solution is extended in a large site scale and business development in the future, in order to save in the editing and website managers throughout the power rationing, we join the whole version the community organization, group purchase, special events and other operational functions, at the same time in order to solve this type of software in the general community Timely update on the level, we introduce APP center to help the site more timely access to PHPWind>