Small partners play the nternet has now changed to make money



recently with the business circle of small partners to communicate more, many friends do a variety of entrepreneurial products. To be able to see that the product managers are from the front attack product design, and very few can reverse thinking to think. Now the Internet has changed the way of making money, if not reverse thinking, if you can not stand up the road of development overlooking the Internet products in a certain pattern, it is difficult to make money in the mobile Internet era products.

Speaking of

from Alipay

everyone says Alipay cattle, why? It is not an Internet product? What does it have to make barriers, peer products can not be successful Copy


first, Alipay has first mover advantage.

second, the strong association between Alipay and


that’s not the point. The key is Alipay, is essentially a kind of "good faith pledge".

China’s institutional problems for centuries, that is, integrity, a variety of good faith constitutes a large national pattern of China’s hundreds of years. In the relationship between government and business, business people, the relationship between government and government relations, business relations, the relationship between the interests of people of various network integrity problems perplexing.

too big pattern of things, not in the scope of this article. But if we just pull out of commodity trading, the background of the times and put in e-commerce, we can easily find: who solved the issue of integrity, he is a pioneering figure; who are to resolve the issue of integrity, his family’s products have certainly stronger gene.

if you add the time dimension, and with the vision of the future land a few years later, and now Alipay products are not perfect, but Alipay will continue to be good, but must be strong. The penetration of the bone marrow, the innovation is in "good faith pledge" mechanism.

I recently read

in the "Financial Times" in the book e, awareness of the potential feedback is that no one has not put the Alipay as a network bank.

marriage products and gun tools

is now dating sites, has developed very well, but from the basic functional perspective is flawed". This is not a "flawed" pledge "self-help mechanism".


is the first to take the lead in the real name registration, but this practice is a positive weak attack focus, the same as with chemotherapy, there are strong side effects, but also can not cure.

by the influence of Chinese traditional culture, young people still believe in the opposite sex of the relatives and friends of the opposite sex, because there is also a pledge, is a kind of personal pledge, can also be called human pledge".

has a "personal pledge" or "human pledge" when looking for a spouse