Google will push Google Driver to join the online storage service battle circle

Google online storage service Google Drive

Beijing on March 28th news, technology blog site Gigaom today wrote that Google online storage service Google Drive may be launched in early April.

nearly five years, there have been rumors that Google will launch Google Drive 2010, Google allows users to upload files to the Google Docs, but did not launch Google Drive, until February this year, the "Wall Street journal" once again broke the news that Google will launch Google Drive.

according to sources, Google Drive will have a local client and web version, which will be similar to the Google Docs interface. In addition, Google will also open API interface to third parties, which will allow people to store content from other applications to Google Drive.

After the launch of the

Google Drive, will be in line with the online storage industry giant Dropbox confrontation, in addition to Dropbox, Google Drive also need to face the old rival Google Corporation Microsoft SkyDrive. The Google online storage service Google Drive will provide free space 1G, but will gradually increase in the future. The Dropbox currently provides 2G storage space, SkyDrive is more, up to 25GB.

said the author, Google Drive will launch in the first week of April, but this news has not been publicly acknowledged Google, Google Corporation spokesman said it will not comment on rumors and speculation.