Crackdown on illegal acts to strengthen the personal website operators should avoid the restricted a

webmaster network August 30th news: Recently, the domestic Internet site to crack down on violations of the law is gradually strengthening. In last year’s "sword action" and a series of remediation sites illegal piracy activities after the summer of this year, the Ministry of culture, Ministry of public security and other departments uncovered several illegal cases of piracy and the introduction of relevant regulations, to further strengthen the network piracy and other illegal acts crackdown.

Ministry of culture announced a blacklist of online music to strengthen the review of music content

in August 20th, the Ministry of culture website released the third batch of 100 illegal network music list, and said that before September 15th this year, the website should immediately carry out self-examination, found their own website to provide the first batch of three listed and without network music products censorship or filing, shall immediately delete. In January this year and in the two part of the cultural group in the first batch of 200 of the total number of uncensored or filed online music. And requires the existence of illegal music works to clean up the site. The third installment of the release of the first batch of 100 songs have more than the first well-known songs on the list, the Ministry of culture, also known as the content of the music itself is not illegal, but must go through the Ministry of culture and the record. Previously, the Ministry of culture has repeatedly check music sites of various sites without providing music works without copyright download or even profit behavior inventory, many music websites have been closed down, and Baidu, VeryCD and many other well-known websites also suspected of piracy. Recently, the founder of the well-known reading website "Xiaoxiang College" was to set up a website illegally providing music was sentenced. Recently, the Ministry of culture to strengthen the review of the content of the music itself, indicating that not only the music piracy is illegal, the music content itself or the problem has not been a record review is illegal behavior.

network piracy piracy to strengthen the crackdown

July 7th, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang at micro-blog revealed serious piracy website "by long" has been closed according to law, the main suspects have been arrested in full; the website piracy cloud Bookstore more than more than 5000 works. Prior to the grand literature had cracked 520 novel works of copyright infringement case. The site without the permission of the right holder to provide a large number of works of text and seek illegal interests, involving more than 500 yuan. The starting point Chinese website Shanda literature in April 2nd published a paper entitled "starting point to combat piracy: the novel 520 will not be the case!" the announcement, said it would increase efforts to combat piracy network literature. June Shanda literature again cracked Chinese Wansong network infringement, the person in charge was sentenced to 3 years. "Long by other literary website shows off the grand literature to further increase efforts to combat piracy.

public relations website made illegal seizure of network "Navy" the destruction of

"network navy", as the Internet is a special group, is also a special landscape. From last year’s "3Q war", this year the chaos of group purchase website.