Google Bangladesh website was hacked home page tampering

Beijing on January 9th news, according to the United States well-known technology blog Techcrunch reported that informed sources, Google Bangladesh Republic website ( has been hacked, search home page was tampered with.

was tampered with the home page reads, "Google Bangladesh Republic website hijacked by [email protected]," [email protected] is a hacker, the recent action is very active, the main attack on some well-known sites.

in addition, local media, including, Bangladesh, also reported the news, said a local ISP (Internet service provider) chief technology officer has confirmed the news.

is reported that the event will affect only a part of the Internet users, as well as a small number of Internet users that can still be normal access.

update: Google responded that this is due to the failure of DNS, resulting in access to and other sites users are redirected to other sites, the problem has been resolved.


Google Bangladesh website was hacked