Taobao prohibit the two dimensional code inside the station chain picture was paid to WeChat

[TechWeb] August 9th news, Taobao today announced that it is now announced Taobao website contains the chain of two-dimensional code will not be able to use the picture. Taobao will explain the purpose of the move to circumvent the security risks bypassing the seller bypassing Taobao payment channels.

"we found that a normal trading process part of the seller bypassing Taobao by using external website information containing two-dimensional picture code this new form and / or advertising information management system, and even fraud in order to achieve the purpose, for consumer protection and trading platform safety greatly affected." The announcement said.


specific measures: for new development with the chain of two-dimensional code image, from the date of this announcement (August 9, 2013), will not be able to use; for issued outside the chain containing the two-dimensional code image is removed within 1 months, will freeze on the picture, but does not remove the goods and points after a month, but will make the relevant treatment.

in fact, WeChat version 5 contains a two-dimensional code scanning and bar code function, and directly with the payment to get through. This allows users to greatly enhance the two-dimensional code scanning shopping channels. The Taobao prohibits two-dimensional code advertising, was considered as a review of WeChat 5 version of the sniper.

Ali recently and Tencent into a delicate stage, Taobao last week to the seller by WeChat marketing application user harassment grounds blocked WeChat marketing account; Alipay yesterday announced the latest payment vulnerabilities, data at mobile phone platform, claimed that the unfamiliar street, WeChat and other popular applications become hackers main object. (Chuck)