From the perspective of network event propagation fanpaopao and Guotiaotiao

Internet is a huge amount of information, the number of sites and its huge. Each Internet users have different habits, social network tools used are different, but an interesting fact is that such a large network, so the vast ocean of information, so users will still constitute a complex, irregular form on the network hot topic — can make the most Internet users know, attention or participation hot topic.

recently, is the typical "Carrefour" event, IM tools play a decisive role in a large network of events, public opinion, communication in the event through the expression of true and full network. Many traditional media in the report of the incident has also repeatedly referred to the "post", "network survey", "search" and other words. It seems that through this incident, netizens have learned the power of unity, learned to use the Internet to realize their right to speak.

A more recent

atypical example is the "512 big earthquake", saying it because in the propagation process of the atypical events, all the doors apartment layout site and all the traditional media reports are unitary. Such a "single" "height" of information coverage, resulting in the whole society at that time the only topic. The power of traditional media, especially television media and portals, in this event is enormous. Internet users in this event shows an unprecedented enthusiasm, the flow of all sites and all types of UGC sites have appeared in the capacity of the surge.

China’s Internet users are gradually active, more and more Internet users in the network to social activities, more and more like to express their views and establish their own network of social relations:

the number of blogs in China has exceeded 4200W (which may not be accurate);

, MOP and other large Tianya community have won the international capital Pro Lai;

SNS community by a rise, the campus is just a group of people on the battle is very fierce;

IM is no longer QQ and MSN two big situation, many have their own advantages of IM tools have been on the line;

is more and more active Internet achievements of the hot topic in the network one after another, so a high degree of concern and an event that businesses see brand promotion opportunity, also let people see the value of business marketing. So the "event marketing" and "marketing" has become a recent hot words — all Internet users have become a topic of media resources, like CCTV1’s prime time — enough to allow all people to contemplate the excitement of brand promotion.

network marketing people do a lot of attempts, word of mouth marketing this new marketing model is also constantly moving forward. Sonia has written about the topic or event marketing marketing articles, with the critical nature of the "red woman" and "Lan Dong", as they are.