Baidu buy business line or prepare for the layout of O2O

webmaster network ( February 27th news: today, Baidu officially enabled the two domain name ( on-line Baidu buy business. Baidu group purchase is still in the stage of improvement, at present only the opening of group purchase services in the Beijing area, catering, leisure and entertainment, beauty and delicacy of life services, hotel and tourism five channels. Haidian District, Changping District and Chaoyang District. Baidu buy businesses currently only seven. Baidu buy all the features and services are in the test and improve the stage.

Baidu buy home

by Baidu group purchase group purchase orders that have been opened the main bank system of domestic payment, Alipay, caifutong and three party payment platform does not support. Baidu’s payment platform BaiduPay has not yet access.

Baidu buy two domain name previously belonged to Baidu said. Baidu said it was launched in September 16, 2010 Baidu real name social platform. In May 13, 2011, Baidu adjusted to "Baidu well", said it Post Bar team into its division, the responsibility of the general manager of Post Bar division Shu Xun, said the person in charge of the transfer work. August 22nd, only less than a year of operation, said Baidu officially announced the closure. Baidu buy online, marking the meaning of the two domain t by social change to buy.

currently has two major group buying platform ( and (,’s predecessor is hao123 buy navigation, on June 2011 officially upgraded to Baidu buy navigation. The original domain name has also jumped to Baidu group ( is expected to launch the depth of the integration of Baidu buy navigation business, through its own navigation platform to introduce traffic.

information from the current point of view, Baidu buy the main local life service goods, does not involve physical commodity trading. According to Baidu insiders, the business is responsible for the Baidu LBS department. Baidu network owners think Baidu will be the future of the depth of the integration of Baidu maps business, as well as Baidu side guide and other mobile APP, an important part of the layout of the field of O2O. (text / Yang Yang)