Ali mother off third party shopping guide interface said the abuse of data

news October 25th, billion state power network that Taobao advertising marketing alliance Ali mother yesterday announced that, due to individual third party shopping guide websites abuse of businesses and consumers, the official decided to temporarily close the open interface and link.


Ali mother said it would start using third party shopping guide website to make more standardized requirements, but did not point out what are the interests of the parties involved in the third party website. It is not clear whether all third party shopping guide website will be blocked. Only emphasizes the individual third party shopping guide site for Taobao and Tmall open data for his use.

According to

Ali mother saying, shut down the open interface and link, mainly for security reasons. In this regard, Ali mother from the technical application, open management and other aspects of the system to maintain data security. We believe that this is the era of big data electricity supplier industry for the basic requirements of information security."

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billion state power network to understand, in August this year, Taobao Tmall was on the third party shopping guide website "low drainage spree", similar to 800 fold and nine pieces of mail, and other non normal trading platform was Taobao’s external shielding from these platforms are not included in the sales of Taobao search weights. This also means that the price of these promotional products in Taobao Tmall will be significantly reduced the probability of search, so as to enhance the customer’s purchase experience.

subsequently, Taobao in September on the line, excellent station, as the official Taobao shopping guide platform, excellent stand by a number of third party shopping guide, etc. to provide the content of shopping guide, together together. But for a variety of considerations, including, as represented by many third party shopping guide did not comply with the wishes of Taobao, failed to settle in excellent station.

and in the near future, there is news that Alibaba is negotiating with the acquisition of, and reached a preliminary intention, bid 200 million yuan.

insiders pointed out that the third party shopping guide site on Taobao is a business model on the offensive, so Taobao was particularly sensitive. Taobao business model is the essence of the search + alliance, there is no essential difference between Baidu and. But Taobao is not only the athletes in the traffic management and control is the referee, with the ‘planned economy’ means to interfere with the normal development of the third party shopping guide platform."

addition, although Ali mother can help reduce the Taobao passenger Commission, increase the income of Taobao union to improve book income. But with traffic from the PC to the mobile terminal tilt, WeChat and other important mobile Internet portal has become Taobao’s number one obstruction". Taobao has also recently adopted a series of means to WeChat and other external traffic resources to block and exclusion.