Chinese light blog ancestor dilemma idealism tragedy friends meow


this world this is not a light blog this kind of thing, just because everyone to learn to imitate Tumblr like a swarm of bees, before the birth of such a concept only exists in Chinese.

launched early in the little, sina Qing and LOFTER and other NetEase, dropped out of college, founded in 2010 Yanzhuo positioned itself as a real-time information sharing blog friends social networking sites meow (

reality is so absurd, from first to last do not admit that he is the light blog friends is one of the earliest meow light blog site, the user can achieve text, pictures and video and other information on social sharing.

friends meow present situation is not good, it’s embarrassing is that on both the traditional blog shadow, along with micro-blog’s genes, it has never put yourself as the light blog, but the characteristics of these three kinds of products in its body are more or less reflected.

friends meow can be Widget customized, but the function of blog users did not have what new place, can realize the user interface of the self customization, but now Sina micro-blog can provide such services.

users can also micro-blog real-time sharing including text, pictures, video, information, compared with the advantages of friends in this area meow is not significant. It uses a lot of technology to give users a better experience, but users do not care about this.

traditional blog is in decline, the new light blog also is not as we expect in the domestic development like a raging fire, most users prefer to share their content on micro-blog, in this case, a mixture of various factors like friends, grotesque to succeed is more difficult in the market.

in March 2010 July 2011 launched friends meow, more than seven thousand users by the end of the year, total number of users increased to more than 9 thousand users, this trend is not good. The environment and the trend of development of the friends of the meow was not favorable, while its own ideal adhere to put this tragedy mood to the extreme.


no longer supports the following IE8 browser, which means that friends have abandoned the meow in most of the potential users may; on a server at the same time also operates two other web developers, this invisible makes the user experience greatly reduced access to friends meow.

alone Li Yanzhuo using a variety of techniques to provide better service for users, but he is very difficult to achieve perfect fight a lone battle.

many users are reflected in a variety of inexplicable rush and Bug, whether in the computer or cell phone, I can not play