Hundreds of students from nternet cafes to grab a seat brawl caused a student killed

Fuzhou two secondary school students in a fight for a seat in the Internet bar, causing hundreds of students fighting in the two schools, a student was killed. 6, 2009, in the event of the alleged crime of intentional injury of the students were sentenced to court in the 13. Reporters learned that last year, only the Cangshan District Court for such cases, it showed an upward trend. Concerned that the community is more concerned about the growth of young people.

6 at 9:20 in the morning, reporters rushed to the Fuzhou city Cangshan district court criminal trial court hall has All seats are occupied. Only two of the parents and the school’s teachers were allowed to sit in. At 9:30, the bailiff will be 13 "small adults" into the dock.


trial, the prosecutor accused of a school in Fujian, a blue Yemou, 13 students in the group will be a secondary school student Huang killed, arrested for the crime of intentional injury.

families of the deceased raised 900 thousand yuan of civil compensation, the court will continue to hear in recent days.

event review

a seat for a life

last September 14th at 5 pm, a Fujian school student Lee and other secondary school students Lin in a cafe within a computer to build a new town seat, Lin "grab". Lee will let Zhang for his revenge.

Zhang gathered more than 6 night rushed to the cafe Xu, Lin and Zhang classmates beaten back to school. After both sides gathered the students.

8 o’clock that night, the two sides brawl. Huang in the escape on the way to catch up, Huang Lan and others on the cuff and kick with stones, bricks, and smashed, resulting in Huang died on the spot. After the incident, 4 people surrendered.

editor comments: sad