nternet merger history kill all the way until love

let’s talk about the merger case in the history of the internet. Say, these stories carefully stroked a stroke is simply a romantic idol drama. Ten years to kill, once in love.


Youku potatoes merger may not be the first case, but may be the most loved. In March 2012, when Youku CEO Victor Koo and tudou.com CEO Wang Wei each other in each other in the office, had a cordial meeting, then a "merge, ancestors funeral gradient mutation" of the show with vigour and vitality.

dispersed for many years, the Chinese version of YouTube finally came together (YouTudou).

is on when the people think the video industry has been a dominant pattern of Iqiyi and PPS will soon announce the marriage. Hey, Youku, Tudou never thought, after the merger has a new competitor. Move and merge, we can not expect the whole universe to name the most long but not necessarily the most powerful Internet Co, Iqiyi PPS, Youku potatoes get birth.

still before the second who subsidies more win the fight at outrance, next second marriage, said the taxi drops and quick taxi to the enemy. The merger is known as China’s largest Internet merger in the history of the unlisted companies, after a quick merger of $6 billion valuation.

however, they "married" to you, I like the consumer, the outcome is a little cry: Taxi coupons said did not see no see, you get used to buy food for the taxi aunt also how to go ah.

has never heard the new people laugh, when the old people cry.

want to say with the most interesting, the award must know-all flowers and the Oriental Pearl of the two companies. This means that the merger means in foreign countries "kill" the Microsoft Xbox and SONY PlayStation in China was "love".

last year, Microsoft and SONY for game into China matters, each hand is know-all and pearl. Unexpectedly, the SONY PS4 has not officially entered China, know-all was merged and the Oriental pearl. To say suddenly also suddenly, but in fact it belongs to the Shanghai group (SMG).

just do you really think about the feelings of Microsoft and SONY, said, Microsoft and SONY, you pick the team, is not really a good discussion?

maybe ah, this is Microsoft and SONY to the outside world to express their feelings. There is an old saying: I hate to deep is love ah.

on the other hand, there is a pair of friends had to talk about, it is the Tencent literature and Shanda literature. It is Wu Wenhui and the starting point Chinese network enenyuanyuan. Three years ago, leaving their own hands to create the starting point of the Chinese network, presumably Wu Wenhui’s