Web site continued to strengthen the wind this year the enterprise is not on record

March 18th is the fourth China International Metal Industry Exhibition, but we found that the company’s Web site can not be opened." The day before, Shunde a metal products enterprise boss Mr. Chen found, because no record, his company’s website by the State Ministry closed.

reporter learned from the Ministry of industry, "the website for the wind" in this year will continue to strengthen, according to "February released by the Ministry of industry and information technology on the further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)", the country will strengthen the record information accuracy verification, this move should cause enterprises to pay attention.

exhibition near the site was closed

during the Spring Festival this year, Mr. Chen on the company website, enter the URL on the page but there was a line of words: "according to the State Council Order No. 292nd" Internet information services management approach "and the Ministry Decree No. thirty-third of the" non operating Internet information service record management measures "provisions, the site did not record, temporarily closed."

March 18th is the international metal industry exhibition, such an important node in front of the company’s web page can not be opened, if a customer wants to log on to view the company’s Web site, will certainly lead to misunderstanding." Chen later learned that because the company’s Web site did not file, and therefore the Ministry closed.

in order not to affect the company to participate in the exhibition, the company is urgent for the record, in March 3rd for the record, and to use the web site.

query information through the Ministry of record

reporter learned that, in Foshan, such as Mr Chen’s case is not the case, a lighting business Miss Yang also feedback, visit the corporate website, the website appears on the website without registration, temporarily closed. ".

as a manufacturing base, Foshan has more than 330 thousand large and small and medium-sized enterprises in recent years, with the rapid development of Internet, enterprise awareness of enterprise publicity through the network platform to continuously strengthen, many enterprises have their own ". However, most of these sites are handed over to some network companies. Reporters random telephone consultation with the boss of five companies in Foshan, their concern about the corporate website is only in the content, the site is not concerned about the record.

according to the Ministry of the relevant parties, a notice of the Ministry issued in February this year, the requirements of the access service units should be formally implemented to check the information site for the record before the end of March 2010, and will carry out the work reported the license issuing organ and the communications authority where the unit is registered. Therefore, the recent network investigation and clean-up of wind blowing, thus also affect some enterprise site was closed.


enterprise website can be found through the Ministry of industry and enterprise web site for the record, if the record should be contacted as soon as possible to provide technical support to the network company, asked to help them do a good job site filing.