Doug connect Du Du today am testing QQ login community

use QQ account password registration and landing forum more convenient, direct use of QQ account password login forum, in the IE browser can be a key to quickly log on to the user with the most convenient and efficient use of experience.


users post also pushed to the QQ optional space dynamic (title + simple abstract + add), so that more QQ space for users to read and share two times. QQ space will not save the full text of the post, only to show the title, as well as a preview of less than 300 words, users want to see the full text, you need to click on the link to view the original forum, the forum will bring additional traffic.


The theme of the forum to share

QQ space (title + simple abstract + add), the user can quickly share the theme of the forum to the QQ space, so that more QQ space for users to read and share (two share only address Click to view the forum, ibid.)


users do not have to forget the forum account password and worry, which can effectively increase the proportion of the forum login users to stimulate the user posting behavior. Currently through the QQ login Discuz forum new users, the first need to improve user information. The webmaster is completely independent of any information that the user fills in, and the user information is stored independently in the server.