Turn or do not turn beautiful said to pay on the steel bridge


observers have found that the well-known brand of shopping guide companies said it had tried to turn around, trying to pay directly in the station function. So, independent shopping guide to do their own payment, whether it is a wise choice to look at the analysis of the titanium media author said the new model of beauty:

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"very careful"

independent shopping guide website beauty has begun to try to do their own payment. Although the first step is to pay through Taobao, but will be beautiful in the drainage business said, is already a very important attempt.

that’s the question, why does beauty say this? Where is the advantage? And is it appropriate to do this at the present time?

first of all, it has to start from the beautiful model, said the main business of beauty is before the payment of Taobao passenger mode. Taobao off mode, is based on the Taobao product display, links a jump Taobao payment mode, the data available through Taobao, the store to pay the Commission said the beautiful shop opened, but the payment or through the payment of Taobao master.

in other words, the flow of beauty is said to pay the flow of Taobao payment, and the problem is precisely in this.

believe that we all know that some time ago, Taobao blocked the two-dimensional code of the chain, the purpose is very clear, is to ban WeChat. So empathy, if Taobao bought mogujie.com for some day in the future, the company (now, Taobao already holds mogujie.com shares), then the "natural" closed all oriented said the beautiful interface, then the beautiful said the answer seems very significant decide on what path to follow? Easy to see, if there is such a day, don’t go for pay the road is only a beautiful road, is the ice.

to sum up, the beauty of the reasons to pay the business to pay it is obvious, in order to avoid their own life and death in the hands of others in charge, said the beauty must get their own independent customers.

why pay for


the most obvious reason is that payment is the only way for users to purchase behavior. Only by doing this, can we say that the independent consumer behavior becomes a closed loop.

of course, in terms of technology development and the development of the company, it is almost inevitable choice.

from the technical implementation and access, online payment is now very mature. Beautiful said one of the on-line payment services rely on Alipay (this way, based on different business interests, can determine whether Taobao is not shut down Alipay’s interface and the user……), or business or will be full of confidence in alipay. The two phase of the payment business, there are many successful cases and the formation of products can learn and improve.

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