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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) October 17th news, yesterday, formerly known as the small and micro gold suit Ali financial company, officially changed its name to the ant financial services group, referred to as ants. At this point, the ant group to bring its payment service has Alipay, the balance of treasure, treasure, small loan and ants are still in preparation of the commercial bank to declare war on the traditional bank based financial circle.

it is understood that the shareholders of the ant gold suit for two partnerships, the registered capital of 1 billion 229 million yuan. Hangzhou Jun Han equity investment partnership and Hangzhou junao equity investment partnership. Direct investment for shareholders Ma Jun Han, Lu Zhaoxi, Peng Lei and other executives Ali junao investment partnership holdings.

on Alipay, small micro gold clothing, ant gold suit, is this: in March 2013, Alipay’s parent company, Zhejiang Alibaba Agel Ecommerce Ltd, announced the main build small and micro financial services group, and equity adjustment, small micro payment services 40% stake to serve small and micro gold group employees and Alibaba hold 60% to external strategic investors. Ma Yun personal shareholding ratio will not be higher than his stake in Alibaba group 7.3%.

ant gold service chief financial officer Jing Xiandong introduced to the platform to do, is to calculate the ants, gold suit cloud based big data and credit system, help the traditional financial institutions together to serve customers, consumers and Small and micro businesses, they have good financial products, and financial products ant gold clothing technology and good data, financial enterprises can give a platform to realize the ant payment service, activate the financial service system for the old, so as to establish data, technology and service of the three open platform as the core of the financial ecosystem.

The same day

Peng Lei stressed the importance of open, she said, the future will only do ant payment service platform, enabling to do financial services. For example, although the ant gold dress has been wholly owned holding Celestica fund, but will still work with other fund companies, along with the development of financial products, I think the Celestica fund with other companies do not have any difference, they are a service provider which. Only in this way, innovative financial services and functions to get up."


modestly as "ants", but ants have a mighty army gold suit: Alipay has more than 300 million active users, including 17 million 850 thousand overseas active users, Alipay wallet has 190 million active users, there are the largest Celestica fund, coupled with the upcoming opening of the commercial bank, there have been no small scale the ants of small loans, Internet banking platform to become this year’s hot treasure…… The ants have been exposed to almost every corner of the financial services.

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